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Styro Recycle Customer Story

Styro Recycle Customer Story

We caught up with Marilyn Lauderdale from Styro Recycle to learn about her company and her experience with us as a customer at 212 Business Park in our Seattle Market — below is our conversation:

PSB: Hi Marilyn, thanks again for joining us. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your role in the company?

Marilyn: I’m a small business owner/operator of a recycle company, I started Styro Recycle in 2009 in an overflow parking garage at IKEA in Renton. Now I oversee multiple departments including shipping, receiving, customer service, accounting, and most importantly I’m able to employ folks – some with disabilities and homeless challenges.

PSB: That’s remarkable. Could you tell us more about Styro Recycle and what the company does?

Marilyn: Styro Recycle was created to give the public and businesses the opportunity to recycle their EPS Styrofoam instead of sending it to a landfill. Styro Recycle densifies this material then wholesales it to manufacturers who then produce everyday useful household products.

PSB: What are some best practices in the green/recycling space that we should be aware of?

Marilyn: Today, packaging has become more compounded by tape, stickers, labels, and some materials are even glued to cardboard. By sorting and separating these materials makes it easier to recycle. “When we recycle right, we can recycle more. One planet-One choice!”

PSB: That’s a great motto! Did you hear that we’ll be breaking ground soon on a brand new industrial building here at 212 Business Park?

Marilyn: Yes, I think it will be a wonderful addition to the park and I’m pleased to hear that you all will be seeking LEED Silver certification following its completion.

PSB: Speaking of 212, what were your first impressions after you leased space with us at 212 Business Park?

Marilyn: First and foremost, Matt and Camilla have always been super nice, courteous and professional. The PS Business Park team has always taken care of any issues in a timely manner while taking our businesses operation functions into consideration. You’ve respected our hours and try extremely hard not to inconvenience any of us tenants in the PS 212th Park.

PSB: I’m pleased to hear that. Was our local team equally approachable or helpful during the pandemic?

Marilyn: When the Pandemic hit, you all were the first to reach out to us in order to see how things were going. This was so early on that we had not been affected yet, that’s how responsive you were in extending your assistance and consultation.

PSB: Which interaction with our local team stood out the most in 2020?

Marilyn: Eldridge was very instrumental in helping us through this Pandemic, he helped us navigate through the logistics of the lease payments so that we’d be able to continue to operate without having our business interrupted. You can’t put a price on that.

PSB: What has impressed you the most about doing business with PS Business Parks?

Marilyn: PS Business Park looks at the long game and not the short gain, they understand that businesses are people that deserve respect. I appreciate the entire PS Business Park Team for being human and respectful, while providing a perfect customer service experience.

PSB: It has been a pleasure, Marilyn. Thank you once again for your business and more importantly your trust.

For more information about our presence in Seattle, 212 Business Park, and our other properties click here. To learn more about Styro Recycle please visit their website at

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